FAQ – Frequently asked questions and problems

FAQ – the most common questions and problems

What to do before updating the program?

It is NECESSARY to make a backup copy of the program database before performing the program update.

(Detailed information on this subject can be found in the user manual in the Advanced tab -> Database backup)


In addition, if you made changes to the   application in the previous version of the program, you will need to back up the templates from the template editor.

What to do when the program starts in "Read only license" mode?

The “Read License” mode means that the Orthodontics license has expired and you will need to extend the license. However, sometimes the program may run in this mode despite having an active license of the Orthodontics program. The reasons for this can be several minutes. the program has not been started for a long time and was not connected to the internet, or the Windows system was updated as a result of which the computer identifier (A) / (B) changed.

Don’t worry, the problem can be solved very quickly.

You will definitely need to contact us (+48 608 452 101 or +48 882 48 10 10).

Before you call us, please check your license details.

When starting the program, the message There should be a problem with the application license. In the message indicated, please select Show license details and then contact us. We will need all three data specified in the license details, i.e. program key and A / B computer identifier.

In case the message does not pop up during program startup. There is a problem with the application license. Please select Help from the toolbar in the program and then License details. Then contact us. We will need all three data specified in the license details, i.e. program key and A / B computer identifier.

What to do if the message "The version has already been registered" pops up during registration of the program?

The “Error – version has already been registered” message appears when the program has already been installed on a used laptop / computer.

If you receive this message while registering the program, please contact us (+48 608 452 101 or +48 882 48 10 10).

Before you call us, please check your license details.

To do this, expand the hidden icons from the Windows taskbar and find the program thumbnail.

By right-clicking on the program’s logo thumbnail you will see additional functions.

As a result, a window with license details will be displayed.

Then please contact us. We will need all three data specified in the license details, i.e. program key and A / B computer identifier.

How do you transfer a database from an old computer to a new one?

Moving the database is easy and requires several steps.

  1. Backing up to an external disk.
  2. Install the program on a new computer.
  3. Program registration.
  4. Uploading and converting the database.


All these stages are described in detail in the Ortodoncja 9 user manual.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the section “Transferring the database to a new computer”

Where to find license details?

License details are the first thing we will ask when problems occur with the program.

This is the information we need to diagnose the problem.


The license details can be found in two places in the program.

  1. After starting the program in the ‘Help’ tab and then ‘Program License Details’.

As a result, a new window will open with the details of the license.


2. Using the Windows toolbar.

After finding the thumbnail of the Orthodontics program icon, right-click it and select “License Details” from the taskbar.

How do I transfer the license to another computer?

For the proper functioning of the Orthodontics program, you need a program license, which includes the program key and computer identifiers

In order to transfer the program license from one computer to another computer, it is necessary to CONTACT US BY PHONE.

It is important that you prepare the license details before contacting us. You will find them in the program in the Help tab -> Program license details.

Copying the license details and transferring them to another computer yourself will not launch the license on the new computer.

Where can I find information about the e-prescription module?

General information about the e-prescription module.

User manual for e-prescription module.

How to run the e-prescription module?

If you are interested in the e-prescription module in the Orthodontics program, please contact us and we will launch the module for 3 months at no extra charge.

+48 608 452 101

+48 882 48 10 10

Technical Support:

+48 603 131 273



1.Install certificates that have been generated from the P1 system:

Installation is done by running the certificate (double-click on the TLS and WSS certificate) and following the certificate installation manager.


  1. In the Orthodontics program, enter  and then select  from the list.
  • In the  tab, we complete the data of individual doctors by selecting a given doctor from the left table and clicking “Edit user details” – the most important thing is to enter the title and Number of the right to practice and check the box, “Use qualified signature”


  • In the  tab, we complete all facility details. Please note that a 14-digit REGON is required (you can find it in RPWDL)


Institution registration number – RPWDL, SECTION I, Box 1. Registration book number

Organizational unit no. – RPWDL, SECTION II, Box 7. Department code identifying the organizational unit in the organizational structure of the treatment facility, which is part V of the departmental identification code system

Choose the right NFZ branch – even when unscheduled issuing of prescriptions with refunds

Contract number with NFZ – optional!

Choose the right unit specialization – RPWDL, Section III, Box 8. Scope of health services provided in the organizational unit => Departmental code characterizing the specialty of the organizational unit, which is part of the VIII system of departmental identification codes

Local OID of the unit – Data was sent in the email about granting access to P1

Business OID of the unit – For medical entities fixed value: 16.840.1.113883.3.4424.2.3.1

Biz extension. OID: RPWDL, SECTION I, Box 1. Registration book number,

Organizational unit: RPWDL, SECTION III, Box 7. Department code identifying the organizational unit constituting part VII of the system of departmental identification codes, for the relevant specialization

Then load the TLS and WSS certificates installed in p.1 by clicking “Load TLS / WSS certificate” and choosing the appropriate

How to issue an e-prescription?

How to issue an e-prescription?

To issue an e-prescription, enter the Visits tab in the Orthodontics program.

In the selected visit we search for the item Medication, and then single-click the left mouse button on the white field next to it.

As a result, we will open a new window for generating an e-prescription.

In the next step, select the drugs from the list, and then confirm the selected drug from the list by double-clicking the left mouse button.

Remember to complete the Packaging, Drug Refund and Drug dosage fields after adding the medicine.

Once we have added all the drugs to our e-prescription, we choose the button Write e-prescription.

As a result, the e-prescription generation window will be disabled, and then a new window with the e-prescription summary will open.

If all the data on the e-prescription match, you must confirm the e-prescription by selecting the Save and send eRecept option.

A qualified signature must be verified to finally send the e-prescription.

After the successfully completed verification process of the qualified e-prescription will be sent, and then a message will appear confirming the correctness of the process of sending the e-prescription.