General dentistry module

General dentistry module

Dentistry is a NEW PROGRAM created by the creators of the Orthodontics program.

The program allows comprehensive comprehensive dental documentation and faster access to all patient data.

The program is designed for dentists who perform conservative, endodontic, surgical and prosthetic treatment in their daily dental practice.

The main advantage of the program is DIAGRAM TEETH.

The tooth diagram in the program allows you to enter and store all information about the patient’s treatment in a clear graphic form.

The diagram has been developed to make it easier for the doctor to work while filling it out. Therefore, the teeth on the diagram are presented as seen by the doctor, i.e. the teeth on the left side of the diagram are the patient’s right teeth.

On the teeth in the diagram, surfaces mapping the tooth structure and enabling precise marking of the place of performed procedures have been separated.

These procedures have been assigned to four basic groups:

  • dentistry
  • endodontics
  • prosthetics
  • surgery

The dentistry program can be:

  • installed as a stand-alone program. This option is ideal for dentists who do not use the Orthodontics program in their practice, but want to maintain comprehensive electronic medical records.
  • installed as general dental module. This option is available to orthodontic physicians, which complements the Orthodontics program.

Main views of the general dental module