Training for Doctors

Computer orthodontic workshops


Practical exercises using your own computers will teach you all the possibilities of the Orthodontics 9 program.

We offer training in which you will expand knowledge and practical skills in the field of effective computer use – improving all stages of orthodontic treatment.

New training date:

9.05.2020 r


Theoretical part


Discussion of issues related to electronic medical documentation and medical data security, hardware configuration and presentation of the most commonly used functions of the Orthodontics program:

  1. Cephalometric analyzes, use of results in creating treatment plans;
  2. Photos:
  • quick adding to patient cards
  • processing: cropping, rotation, mirroring, adding scratches and guides;
  • the usefulness of photography at individual stages;
  1. Work with virtual diagnostic models;
  2. Keeping patient records;
  3. Creating individual entries in the program in the template editor;
  4. Searching and sorting information according to desired criteria;
  5. Patient export and import;
  6. Communication with x-ray techniques and laboratories;

Coffee break


Practical part 

11.50- 14.30

Individual computer work in cooperation with workshop leaders. First of all in the plan:

  • cephalometric analysis according to the chosen method;
  • entering your own cephalometric measurements;
  • creating treatment plans;
  • measuring, archiving and sending virtual diagnostic models;
  • technician module support;
  • interpretation of colors illustrating skeletal defects
  • entering research and interview data;
  • entering, cropping and editing photographic, X-ray and STL files;
  • tele-x-ray comparisons and superimposition
  • analysis, archiving and transmission of virtual diagnostic models;
  • template editor;
  • sorting and filtering data in a file, searching the database by keywords;

Lunch break 


Practical part


Individual computer work, consultations with workshop leaders.

Workshop price (gross):

PLN 990,00 (6-month license included in the price)


PLN 590,00 (without license)

Applications should be sent by e-mail, telephone or via the above application form


E-mail address:
Phone: 608-452-101

Participants should have personal PCs with them. Practical exercises will take place on them. The organizer provides databases with various clinical cases for exercises. Course participants will receive a 6-month free license.

* We reserve the right to change the date of the training. Each participant will be personally notified of any changes by e-mail or telephone.