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Log in

Beginning with version 8, the Orthodontics application requires a username and password to access the database.

When starting the application (and attempting to access the admin panel), you will be prompted to enter your username and password:

The login can be selected by expanding the list using the down arrow.

After entering the data, press the Login button.

The Orthodontics application remembers the name of the last logged in user so that they do not have to enter their name every time.

Keep this in mind when switching between databases with different users.

To skip logging in next time, you can select the Remember login option, but this is strongly discouraged.

After selecting this option, to restore login and password requests, log out (in the main program window Logout button in the upper right corner)

When you try to access the database administrator panel, for security reasons the login window will appear regardless of whether the Remember login option was selected or not!