Tooth diagram

Tooth diagram

Using the tooth diagram:

  1. Select a tooth from the diagram by hovering over it with the mouse cursor. The selected tooth will enlarge.

2.  On the enlarged tooth, mark the part of the tooth you want to modify. The selected surface will be filled with green.

3. From the legend below the diagram, select the appropriate position that you want to mark on the selected tooth surface by clicking the left mouse button.

4. After selecting the surface, you can also use the keyboard shortcut to modify the diagram faster.

  • by selecting the first letter of the specialty you mark the appropriate category from the legend below the diagram.
    • S – conservative dentistry
    • E- endodontics
    • P – prosthetics
    • C- surgery
  • then select the appropriate number corresponding to the selected item from the list.
  • as a result, tooth modification will be introduced.

After describing the tooth, you can go to the next by clicking the next tooth or pressing ENTER.

You can also select multiple surfaces on a given tooth at the same time by pressing SHIFT and clicking on selected surfaces.