Adding photos and models

Adding photos and models

To add a photo, click the Add photo or positioned model button (or if the 3D module is not active – Add photo) located in the upper left corner of the screen. After pressing it, a window will appear enabling you to select a photo located on your computer or on a data carrier connected to your computer.

Another way is to drag photos from a folder on your hard disk to the photo window.

This way you can add files:

  • JPG, PNG, BMP and other graphics
  • 3D STL (with the 3D module active, only positioned by a technician)

In the window for adding photos you can select many photos at once by holding down the Shift key – in this way all will be added to the database.

To delete a photo, file – right-click on it, and then choose Delete photo from the context menu

The photo can also be deleted by pressing the Delete button on the keyboard.

You can also delete 3D STL and DICOM files in the same way.