To install the Ortodoncja 9 program, please download the installation file from or use the following redirection:

After the installation file Ortodoncja9000Setup.exe is downloaded, run it.

Before starting the installation, Windows may inform you that it is impossible to run an unrecognized application. To bypass protection, click More information and then Run anyway.

At this stage of the installation, Windows may ask you for permission from the installation program to make changes to your computer. The program installation requires that the program be granted these permissions (click Yes).

In the window that appears after starting the file, select the language in which the installation should be carried out:

In the next window, click Next and then read the License Agreement. After reading the content of the agreement, accept its terms (“I accept the terms of the agreement”) and then click Next again:

Before proceeding to the installation, an information window with the Personal Data Protection Regulation should appear – please read its content, accept it and then select Next.

The next step in installing the program is choosing the components to install. If you are not an advanced user, leave the default selection (Standard Installation) and click Next:

After selecting program components, a window will appear that allows you to choose additional options, such as placing an icon on the desktop or adding the program to standard Windows firewall rules. Inexperienced users are advised to leave the above options unchanged and click Next.

After selecting the “Next” option, the program will lead us to a summary of the installation process. To start the program installation it is necessary to choose Install.

The next window will start copying files and display a window with information about the installation status:

During installation, the Firebird Database System will be installed – this program is necessary for the correct functioning of the Ortodoncja program. This will display the appropriate windows with their installation status.

After the installation is finished, a window will appear asking you to restart your computer. Before restarting the computer, make sure that all other programs are closed, all changes saved, and then click Finish – the computer will be restarted.

After the correct installation of the program, three new icons should appear on the computer desktop, i.e.

Failure to restart your computer may result in the Orthodontics program not working properly!

During the installation, a message may appear that the Firebird database server is already installed on this computer – the window can be ignored.