General information

General information

The main page of the program is displayed after selecting a specific patient. This is the patient card window, which contains a summary of all the necessary information.

In the left part of the window there is a preview of all scheduled patient visits for today. Depending on the version of the program, it is possible to view visits to all registered chairs in the office.

The visit to take place is highlighted.

The visit that has already taken place is gray. In order for a given visit to turn gray, the visit must be completed in the visit tab, and then the visit should be accepted.

A window with a preview of scheduled visits can be minimized. This will cause the main window of the patient card to be expanded.

The left part of the window contains personal data, the main picture, a rotating 3D model of the patient. In this section, you can minimize the rotating 3D model and display detailed patient data.

There are two columns in the middle of the window.

The first one presents the time to complete treatment and the results of cephalometric analyzes together with the projection of malocclusion by color wheel.

In the second column we find windows such as the orthodontic problem reported by the patient, Diagnosis, Examination and interviews.

In the right, on the other, information about the braces and treatment plan.


Each title bar on the patient card is a separate button.

To facilitate text entry, after clicking on each of the headings. Orthodontic problem. Diagnosis. Apparatuses. Treatment plan. A menu is developed from which the most popular content can be selected. After clicking the selected option, the text is automatically inserted into the appropriate window.

In addition, in the upper part of the window there are buttons for switching between previously opened patients, opening the file, quick printing of referrals and switching between individual tabs in the patient’s card.