Patients in treatment

Patients in treatment

The Orthodontics 9 program allows the selection of patients from the database by treatment stage.

The use of this option makes it easier to browse the entire patient database, as well as for large databases makes the database function more efficiently and the program does not slow down.

The program has two patient statuses:

  • “Patients in treatment” – if the percentage of treatment is less than 100% or the percentage of treatment is greater than -100% but he was on a visit not less than 3 months ago and at the same time there is no keyword disassembly of the device in visits.
  • “Patient in retention” – the completed treatment is clicked or the recovery percentage is above 100% and the keyword “disassembly of the apparatus” is included in the visit.

This option can be used in two different ways:

  1. In the program file directly above the list of patients there is the inscription “Patients:” together with a list from which one can choose the options “for treatment”, “in retention” and “everyone”. This method of selecting patients enables a current preview of patients at a particular stage of treatment.
  1. The second way to divide patients by treatment stage is available in the Tools -> Settings -> Miscellaneous tab. At the very bottom of the available options in the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab is the ‘Default patient list on the file’ with the option of ‘everyone’ and ‘in treatment’. Selecting this option will cause that each time you start a given database it will be launched depending on the selected option:
  • or with all patients
  • or with a list of patients in treatment

If you have a large database, it is recommended to use the second option “Default patient list in the file” -> “for treatment”.

This setting will improve the functioning of the program and at the same time cause that the program will start faster.