Opening the base with Orthodontics 7


Opening the base with Orthodontics 7

Orthodontics 7 databases are not directly supported in the latest version of the application – they must be converted,

After selecting the option in the wizard, we select the database from the drop-down list, or click Open database from disk.

In the second case, indicate where the file with the database (file with the extension o7db) is physically on disk:

After selecting the database, the program will ask you whether to make a backup copy before converting the database (select Yes).

We suggest making a backup copy.

The database backup process and the database conversion process will start:

After completing this process, a username and password should be given to each user. However, if you have not created a new doctor before – the Orthodontics program will create it.

The username will be created automatically based on the first letter of the name. If the suggested name is incorrect, you can change it.

The correct password must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a min. 8 characters
  • Contain at least one capital letter
  • Include at least one special character (e.g.! @ # $% ^ & *)

If there are several users, you must also specify who will be the database administrator (its main doctor) – this is required to have access to the administrator panel.

When the process of granting logins and passwords is completed, the program will display the message:

The converted database will be opened – enter the username and password defined previously to open the directory.