Visit History

Visit History

The Orthodontics program provides a preview of:

  • all patient visits
  • one visit history and a preview of all changes made to the visit description.

To check the history of visits, go to the Visits tab in the program’s main taskbar.

As a result, a list of all visits will appear.

Each of the entries in the visit history can be supplemented with additional information from the visit.

To do this, press the right mouse button on the empty field, and as a result the list of available items will expand.

These fields can also be completed manually.


Each item in the visit history has an Accept Visit button.

Its purpose is each time to confirm and save the entered data during the visit.

This button is a kind of doctor’s signature.

In addition to the history of visits, the program also has the history of a specific visit.

Each change made in a given visit and accepted with the button Accept visit will be visible in the history of one visit.

To enter the history of one visit, use the “tools” button on the right side of the bar, then a list with available options will be displayed.

If the visit history is not displayed in the list, it means that the visit has not yet been approved.

Acceptance of the visit means that additional options appear under the tools button, including Visit history.

The above window presents a list with all changes made in one visit.