Collective analysis

Collective Analysis

Collective analysis is another of the options available in the program.

Its purpose is to improve the performance of analyses in the program. It allows you to enter all points for several different analyses at once. As a result, the results of all selected analyses appear on the list of analyses performed.

This option means that the program user does not have to perform each analysis separately, but can do everything during one aggregate analysis.


To enable the Collective Analysis option, enter the Tools tab and then Settings in the toolbar.

As a result, a new window will appear in which you should select the Analyses tab.

In the right part of the window a list with all available types of analyses in the program is visible.

From the list of available analyses, select those analyses that we would like to simultaneously perform in the aggregate analysis.

After selecting the analyses of interest to be included in the aggregate analysis, click Ok.


After determining the parameters of the collective analysis, if you want to perform a collective analysis, enter in a specific patient, then in Cefalo Analysis and select the New analysis option.

As a result, a list of various analyses will appear, including the last item Summary analysis cefalo.

In the next stage, a new window will appear in which you should select the correct cephalometric X-ray of the patient and select Ok.


If the cephalometric X-ray image has not been previously used for any cephalometric and scaled analysis, the program will ask you to scale the image. (More information in the chapter Photos -> Scaling)

If the X-ray image was previously scaled for another analysis, the program will skip this step and open the window for entering points.

In the next step, a window will appear listing all the points to insert.

The list of points compared to a standard single analysis is increased by the points necessary to carry out all previously determined analyses in the aggregate analysis.

After entering all the points, click Ok. As a result, we will return to the main program window, to the Cefalo Analyses tab, and the results of all analyses from the collective analysis will appear on the left.