Entering points

Entering points

The main analysis window is divided into four parts:

  • Cephalometric image (right)
  • List of points (in the middle)
  • Graphic illustrating the approximate location of the currently entered point (left, top)
  • Toolbox (left, bottom)

Entering points

Entering points begins after pressing the left mouse button on the photo, or after pressing the Enter button. You can also start by selecting the first item from the list of points necessary to enter in the selected analysis. Each of the above actions starts the sequence of entering points in the order in which they are on the Points list.

The name of the currently entered point is displayed next to the cursor indicator and also below the graphic in the left part of the program.

The entered points are marked on the Points list by marking the indicator on the right.

Before entering the point, an audio message with its name will be played.

Navigating (moving) the photo is possible with the mouse – the image can be moved by holding the right mouse button pressed.

When you finish entering all points, click OK – the process of creating a new analysis will be completed.


The toolbox is located on the right side of the analysis window and you can use it to control the view of the X-ray image and move between points.

Displays the picture in its original size
Scales the image so that it is displayed on the screen in full
Enlarges the image in the preview
Zooms out in the preview image
Manipulates the brightness of the image in the preview
Starts the sequence for entering points
Goes to the next point in the list
Goes to the previous point in the list
Turns on / off the audio messages containing the name of the currently entered point
Saves the x-ray image to the gallery
Displays the characteristic points of the analysis superimposed on the photo
Displays labels with the names of the points entered
Overlays an auxiliary grid on the photo
Re-opens the photo scaling window