Database backup

Database backup

The Ortodoncja program allows you to make a backup copy of the entire database.

Regular database backup will protect users from unplanned loss of all data


We recommend that you regularly back up the database to an external drive.

To make a backup, enter the Tools tab in the program and then Create a copy of the database.

As a result, a new window will open in which you must specify the exact location where the file with the entire database will be saved.

As we wrote above, we suggest making a backup to an external disk.

After determining the storage location, press Save. As a result, a new window will appear with a percentage of the saving process.


The process of saving a copy of the database may take from a few to several minutes. It depends on the size of your patient base. The larger the base, the longer the recording time.

After successfully creating a copy of the database, a window should appear with an equivalent message.

As a result, a new file with a copy of the database should appear in the indicated location.

This file will have the format .O8DB