Program update

Program update

The Orthodontics program can be updated.

The update depends on the availability of new versions of the program.


We recommend that you back up the program database before updating the program. (more information on this subject can be found in the Advanced tab -> Database backup)


It is not necessary to uninstall the previous version of the program before updating the program! We recommend leaving the previous version of the program and performing an overlay installation.

This will avoid losing your data.

Installing the updated version of the program is done in an overlay. This is because the new version of the program is installed on your version of the program.

The whole installation process is carried out on the same principles as the standard installation of the new program.

After making a backup copy of the database in order to update the program, download the installation file from from the Download tab, and then follow the installation instructions in the Installation section

After the installation is completed, restart your computer.

From then on, a new updated version of the program will be available on your computer.