Comparison / superimposition

Comparison / superimposition

To compare two photos with each other, right-click on one of the photos, then from the menu select Compare with … and finally click on the second photo to compare. A window will open asking if you want to compare photos or superimpose (you can also use the Superimposition / comparison button in the Photos tab):

If you choose the Super Impression option, the application will ask you to enter two points on both pictures to be able to choose the settings (rotation, offset and zoom) to make these two points coincide. After selecting the option, you can start entering the first point – the next ones can be switched in the left panel or by pressing the Enter button. Pictures will be switched automatically.

When all four points have been entered, the Superimpose button will be activated, after clicking on which the photos will be superimposed and an orange line will be drawn between the two points.


If you choose Compare, both photos will be displayed side by side, and the options for entering points and superimposition will be hidden.

The base image (pants) remains still. However, the compared photo (in the blue frame) can be dragged to any place with the mouse. The options for the compared photo are presented in the table below:


TRANSPARENT Changes the degree of transparency of the compared photo
ROTATION Allows (small) photo rotation around its axis
ZOOM Enlarges / reduces the photo compared to the base photo


In addition to comparing photos, this function can be used to superimpose them (you can use the transparency slider)

Comparison of two photos can be saved as a new photo by clicking the Save image to gallery button.