Photo Editing

Photo Editing

To edit a photo, double-click it, or select the photo and press Enter on the keyboard. The editing window looks like this:

Similarly to machining 3D models, on the left there is a toolbar in which you can select functions related to editing / displaying an open image:

100% Displays the edited photo in its original resolution
ADJUST Adjusts the size of the photo to best fit the size of the editing window
ZOOM Each click enlarges the image by 10%
ZOOM OUT Each click reduces the photo by 10%
CROP Lets you crop (crop) a photo.
ROTATE HORIZONTALLY Rotates the image horizontally
ROTATE VERTICALLY Rotates the image vertically
UNDO CHANGE Undo the last change
ACCEPT CHANGE Displays a dialog box where you can save changes, save as a new photo, discard changes
CANCEL Closes the editing window without saving changes
NEXT PHOTO Moves to the next photo (from the list of patient photos)
PREVIOUS IMAGE Moves to the previous image (from the list of patient images)
SHAPES Lets you apply additional shapes to your photo
SCRATCHES Applies a face outline to the photo

To save the file, close the browser window, press Enter or switch to the previous / next image from the gallery (left / right arrow). A dialog box will appear:

When cutting a photo that was previously used in the analysis, the application will display an appropriate warning. Saving such a photo will cause that the graphic representation of points on the analysis will not coincide with what the doctor marked.