Machining 3D models

Machining 3D models

To start machining 3D models, press Machining 3D models. Then select the jaw and jaw model correctly.

The editing processing window looks like this:

On the left side of the window for processing 3D models is a toolbar. Available machining options include:

POSITION MODEL Enables correct positioning of the model
TRIM Clips the model
DELETE SMALL FRAGMENTS Removes small unnecessary fragments in the model
MAKE SMALL HOLES Covers small holes and holes in the model / scan
REDUCE SIZE BY 50% The model size is reduced by 50%
REDUCE THE SIZE TO 7MB The model size is reduced to 7MB
SAVE TO BASE Saves the changes made
RESTET Undoes all changes made
UNDO Undo the last change made
AGAIN Performs the undo change again
CHANGE MODEL Changes the model

To save the file, there are two options:

  • Close the browser window and press the selected option in the message. A dialog box will appear:

  • Select the Save button and then also select the option possible in the message.