Cropping is another option available for machining 3D models.

To properly trim the model, it is necessary to position it correctly first, using the Position model option.

After positioning the model, click the Trim to access the model trimming function.

In the next stage, a window with changed functions will appear in the left part of the panel and in the preview of the 3D model additional fields will be used to determine the extent of cropping the model.


All parts of the 3D model outside the gray area in the main window will be removed.

Remember to use the view panel before final trimming of the model, it is necessary to view the model from all perspectives and correctly assess the extent of the gray area and the boundary of the model.

The panel on the left shows parameters that allow you to specify the dimensions of the gray area, i.e.

  • height
  • width
  • length

Clicking + enlarges the gray box.

Clicking – reduces the gray box.

Just like in positioning, using the arrows and rims you can move the gray area in relation to the centrally placed model.

  • The green arrows move the gray box up and down
  • Red arrows move the gray box to the right and left
  • Blue arrows move the gray box forward and backward
  • The blue rim turns the gray box left and right
  • The red rim (visible when the right / left view is turned on in the view panel) rotates the gray box up and down